The Regulations of the Facimiech Equine Club

§ 1

  1. The complex of the Facimiech Equine Club (referred to as “the center”) is established for (among others) organizing equine trainings, exhibitions and events, particularly sports events and entertainment events.

  2. Organizing events in the center is held according to the public rules and regulations, with the center’s owners agreement and with regards to the center’s regulations.

  3. The number of people being present in the center depends on the event’s characteristics.

  4. Before entering the center one is obliged to familiarize oneself with this regulations. The Regulations apply to every person present in the center.

  5. It is assumed that every person entering the center is familiar with this regulations and has committed to following them as well as available safety instructions, instructions regarding the proper usage of the center’s appliances, the recommendations of the center’s owner, event’s organiser, emergency services and authorized people.

§ 2

  1. The center’s owner is responsible for the safety of its users.

  2. It’s strictly forbidden to enter the center for a person who is:

    1. aggressive, provocative or in any other way compromising safety or the public order.

    2. a minor less than 13 years of age with no adult supervision.

  3. Being in the center it’s strictly forbidden to:

    1. stay in places other than designated;

    2. publicly present obscenities, vulgarisms, promote racism, nationalism, discriminate based on religion, social connotations etc.;

    3. proclaim any religious or political agitation;

    4. smoke, start and stoke up a fire in places other than designated;

    5. carry guns, explosives or similar dangerous substances;

    6. throw objects and cause a commotion scarring or disturbing the animals;

    7. satisfy one’s physiological needs in places other than toilets, litter the center, damage the center’s infrastructure;

    8. use center’s appliances for other than intended use.

§ 3

A person present in the center is obliged:

  1. not to disturb the public order;

  2. to abide by these regulations;

  3. not to put any person in danger;

  4. to obey recommendations of emergency services, center’s owner and event’s organiser;

  5. to supervise minors introduced to the center; the supervisor is responsible for the actions and disobedience of those minors;

  6. to supervise and clean after the animals brought to the center; the supervisor is responsible for any damages caused by the animal;

  7. not to approach the horses while being under influence of alcohol;

  8. minors can be in the center after 23:30 only while being supervised by an adult or having a written permission from their legal guardian.

§ 4

Rider’s responsibilities:

  1. Each individual taking care of a horse is obliged to respect the Horse’s Wellbeing Code.

  2. A horse can be untethered only in designated places, that are boxes, paddocks and the small indoor equine arena.

  3. During the show jumping training the rider is obliged to wear a proper helmet. Underage persons are obliged to wear a proper helmet during every training regardless of its nature. Adults ignoring this particular regulation are taking the full responsibility of its outcome. Legal guardians are held responsible for underage persons’ actions.

  4. Underage persons are obliged to have a trainer’s supervision during their eventing and show jumping trainings.

  5. After each training the rider is obliged to clean the arena from any waste left by their horse, tidy all used equipment including fences and clean the horse’s hooves.

  6. Lounging a horse is allowed only in designated places that are small equine arena, outdoor equine arena, lounging arena. It’s forbidden to lounge a horse on the big indoors arena and on the paddocks.

  7. Entering the cross-country course is allowed from dawn till dusk, excluding the days when the ground is too damp and can be easily damaged.

  8. Before beginning a training on the cross-country course one is obliged to report this to the center’s owners due to a possibility of maintenance work being held there.

  9. Riders wanting to reserve an individual access to any facility for a training are obliged to consult it with other riders and the center’s owners.

  10. The whiteboards on each horse’s box should be updated with current information regarding paddocking the horse, and feeding details.

  11. The center’s owners should always be informed about a rider staying in the center after 22:30.

§ 5

  1. Entering the center’s area indicates an agreement for using one’s personal image for producing and presenting a video, film or pictures for promoting the center.

  2. Organiser, center’s owners and authorised people are entitled to capturing events, particularly participants’ behaviors using audio and video recording devices.

  3. The organisers reserve the right to claim damages created on the center’s area in their full amount.

  4. This Regulations take effect from 1.11.2013.

  5. This terms and regulations were established in accordance with the law and other regulations especially the Regulations of The Facimiech  Equine Club.

Information regarding the ways of sharing these regulations:

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