laka i park

Every person that searches for a stable for a horse is forced to consider what is most important too choose the right place. Very often it means compromising horse’s happiness (no paddocks or grass-lands) or riders comfort (no professional place for horse riding or indoors arena). Taking a horse for a ride in a terrain where there is no risk of meeting  cars or unfriendly neighbors is also not common.

We decided to minimize those dilemmas:

For horses we have:

  • comfortable stalls
  • everyday stall bedding with straw or sawdust
  • 18 paddocks
  • feeding 3 times a day – with hay, haylage, oat or other fodder
  • the possibility of complementing of fodder with other supplements
  • regular removing of manure
  • we accept stallions


For people we have:

  • a professional place for horse riding independently of weather conditions
  • jumping obstacles, a dressage arena and cross-country course
  • 2 indoors riding arenas including the biggest indoors arena in the southern Poland (30x102m)
  • 16ha of grass-lands with cross obstacles
  • 2 locker-rooms with cabinets and showers, a clubroom
  • we ensure deworming, vaccination, hoof trimming and horseshoeing according to the schedule
  • we can help to balance horses’ diet with natural fodders
  • we can help to schedule the trainings and competitions

We live together with our parents in the stable possession and we can take care of horses for 24 hours a day. In the future, when the stable construction will be done, we will install monitoring to give the horse owners possibility to watch their horses from their home or their office.

Our experience with horse riding from 1978, taking part in the competitions from 1984 and ownership of horses from 1990, together with graduating from Agricultural University in Kraków, zootechnical faculty, allows us to run the sable professionally (both theoretically and practically).