The Facimiech Equine Club is located in Facimiech village (Skawina commune), 24km from the Market Square in Kraków, 13km from the exit from Kraków’s ring road in Oświęcim direction, 1600m from the „44” road”.

To get to the Club with public transport take:

  • the bus number 223 Łagiewniki – Brzeźnica (get out at the Facimiech bust stop at the „44” road)
  • the bus number 235 Borek Fałęcki – Ochodza (get out at the last stop and walk 3km – if you are preserving enough)
  • the buses from Kraków to Pozowice (get out at the bus stop in the center of Facimiech)
  • buses going in direction of Brzeźnica, Wadowice, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska etc. on the „44” road (get out at the same stop as with bus number 223)


The Facimiech Equine Club terrains:

Stajnia z lotu ptaka

From the center of Kraków (easiest):

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That is how to steer clear of traffic jams driving from the center of Kraków

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From the „Zakopianka” road:

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