The centre

Stajnia z lotu ptaka


The Facimiech Equine Club is located in the Facimiech country just 24km from Cracow’s Market Square in Skawina commune. It’s just 13km away from the exit of the ring road to Oswiecim and only 1600m away from the road 44.

Our accommodations are two stables with comfortable stalls, two indoor equine arenas and also an outdoor one, a barn, some garages, paddocks and lodging for riders (including showers). This all located in a beautiful fenced-in area.

The outdoor riding arena is 75 x 100 m. The footing is made of quartz sand. We know that watering of arena footings requires careful attention. Out system of sprinklers ensures appropriate moisture and greatly reduces the problem of the dust floating in the air. The draining system kept the arena in a good condition even during the flood in 2010. All the grass-lands around were covered with water yet the riding arena was suitable for running show jumping trainings. The hooves were sinking into the sand for no more than 3 centimeters. By the riding arena there are 12 massive reflectors that allow us to train even in the dark. By the arena you can also enjoy a beautiful rose hedging that fulfills even the most sophisticated of our aesthetic needs.

The riders and their horses can enjoy show jumping fences, a dressage arena, and also a cross-country course. We are a group of passionate eventing competitors who understand the needs of not only show jumping enthusiast but also dressage lovers and make sure to give all of them exactly what they need. We’re also organizing competitions in all the Olympic equestrian disciplines.

Right from the stable you can get to the grass-lands surrounding the center. We have more than 16 ha of grass-lands flanked by Wisla and Sosnowka rivers. We have fenced pastures just by our gate. On the grass-lands there is our cross-country course with number of various obstacles including a water jump construction. By the grass-lands we’ve prepared a more than 1700 m long track perfect for galloping.

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The main indoors riding arena is 30 m wide and 102 m long which makes it the biggest indoors arena in southern Poland. The footing is made of quartz sand and synthetic fibers.

The smaller indoors arena is 11,5 m wide and  30 m long and has similar footing to the main arena.

Horses are spending time on the paddock every day. To avoid any potential harm most of the horses graze on their own. Since the grazing field is divided to 18 quarters the horses can see each other and feel included in a herd.

Out center is still developing. We aim for creating a right place to organize top rank competitions and enjoy equine activities every time of the year.