A trail to health

On our cross country course we’ve created a trail to health accessible for all of you all the time, completely free. On this trail you can walk, run, and exercise on a variety of stations. There are no limitations when it comes to age or agility. At the entrance it’s advised for you to read the trail’s rules and regulations. Along the trail you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with exercise explanations, placed by each of the stations.

It’s completely free!

A trail to health helps you develop your overall fitness with special regard to speed, jumping ability, muscle and strength. It helps to shape certain fitness and health habits. Promoting activities on the open air, it helps to improve the psychophisical features of those, who use it. It  There are no age restrictions or pre-requirements. It can be used by groups or individuals in both fitness training and recreation.

The biggest advantages of the trail to health is the variety of exercises possible to be performed in the open air. Being close to nature, experiencing the constant change in surroundings, variety of stations and visual stimuli make it far more exciting than an gym or sports field could ever be. The trail is accessible throughout the year in almost every weather conditions. It improves a natural fitness allowing you to move and jump through obstacles with ease.

The trail is also a perfect place for leisure in the fresh air. You can have a walk and seek for peace and quiet. A number of tables and benches allow you to comfortably meditate or set up a nice little picnic. The trail leads to a path to Wisła’s flood lands, when one can enjoy the gentle hum of the river.

We were able to create a fantastic place to anyone who seeks any leisure. We see proofs of it every day watching people, horses and dogs playing there  together.

The trail to health was designed by Agata Studencka and Aleksandra Nowak, graduates from the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow.

The trail to the health was co funded by the European Union as a part of Local Development Strategies (Activity 413) of Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.