Refresher seminar for FEI Stewards- 7-08.03

We invite you to joining the Seminar!

FEI is verifying the list of FEI Stewards. According to the FEI regulations every person on the list, wanting to remain a FEI Steward, has to participate in an update course (appropriate for their level) every 3 years. Unfortunately, those who won’t update their permissions won’t be staffed in any international events.

To allow meeting FEI formal requirements, Refresher Seminar is now being held in Poland.

Links to appropriate documents can be found below. If you want to participate in the seminar and maintain your permissions please fill in entry form and send it to PZJ. In addition to that send a copy of your entry to the seminar’s organizer. More details will be send after the participant list is closed.

Best regards,

Zbigniew Seibt

FEI Refresher Seminar for FEI Stewards – 7-8 Mar 2015 – Facimiech (POL)

Application form for Stewarding Refresher Seminar – Jumping